Friday, January 30, 2009

Brooklyn's Blog!!!!!

About meee!
Hey whats up blog readers!?? I am a classroom member of six blue and I can't wait to have followers on my blog!!!!!!!


  1. Hi its me brooke commenting on my own blog isn;t that stupid! LOL

  2. Yeah Brooke, thats soooooooooooooooooooooo stupid!!!! Hee hee!!!! Hee heee heee heee hee ehee hehe ehee hehe hee hee hee hee he ehehehe hehe hee heee heehe ehehehe eheh eheueahwe;loigesiolhjxfyp'dkk
    ]kok[jfgj ]dportj ~ Brittani 8)

  3. Okay then..
    I have no idea who this is but I am guess that it is a girl that is named Brooke... Uh if you know who I am tell me on the bus or at school or something or I will feel uncomfortable until you tell me who you are. This is Olivia Osborne from 7 red btw;

  4. Brooke!! WHAT IS UP IN THE DOW, FO' SHOW'!!! Post more stuff on your blog and Make sure Olivia doesn't feel uncomfortable! SEE YA' LATER, DAWG!!!!!!
    ~ Brittani